Favorite Bands:
Megadeth - Gamma Ray
Avantasia - Rhapsody of fire
Helloween - Luca Turilli
Masterplan - Iron Maiden

Favorite Movies:
Star Wars - The Hobbit
Sweeney Todd- Lord Of THe Rings
Braveheart - The Mask
Rush Hour - Ace Ventura
13th Warrior - Rouge One
House on Haunted Hill
Austin Powers

Some of the guest musicians that have played on the albums:

History of the band

Rått kjøtt 1992-93
One rainy night back in 1992 ....
A new years eve's party 91-92 the band was formed by Thomas Hansen, Roar Følling
& Tom R.Brumoen

The music style was punk rock and the lyrics where in norwegian.
The band was called ¨Rått kjøtt¨ witch means raw meat. Just three months later, the first
demo tape was made. The demo was called ¨FREKKE FAEN¨ and means rude fuck.

The band got 4th place in nnmr.
North Norwegian Championship in Rock.

Execution 1993-98
After 7 months the music style and band name changed.

The music was now thrash, and the name was execution. Some drummers came and went until a drummer named Cato Skivik was found. Cato quickly learned and had a very good influence on the band, and the new music style. Metallica songs was on the set list, but also home-made one's.

The band
started to get some gigs and they practiced about 10 hours almost every day. The band recorded a new demo called 'sacrifice'. Again the music changed, and a new demo was made. The music was hard rock and the demo was called 'the bullet for me ?'

Rock Mot Rus ( rock Against Drugs ) Festival 1995,
The Biggest Rock Competition In norway. 70 bands from all of norway, is competing in this contest. Thomas,
Cato and Tom took home 5th place. ( april 95 )

New members in the band.
Summer 96, Cato leaves the band and is replaced by Ken Høyli (drums). The band strarted to play
progressive metal. Winter 96, Joakim Kjelstad joins as second guitarist. Early 97, Ken is replaced by
Marius Nilsen. After only 3 sessions the band went to the Rock against drug festival again.
This time getting 3rd place. ( april 97 ) Playing on the sjon-stock festival aug.97.

Millenium 1998-99
The band changed name to millenium just after new year.
April 98, off to rock against drugs festival again and got 5th place for the 2nd time.
Playing sjon-stock festival again. (7. aug-98) Band throws out members. Joakim and Tom
leaves the band on august the 18th 1998. Roy V. joines as bass player.

Theater Of Pain1999-00
The band had to change name because there was another band called millennium.
A demo cd called "land of mysterys" was made april-may 99.

September 99
Joakim joined the band again after 1 year. One month lather Tom also rejoins the band,
replacing Roy Værnes. Playing a gig for the Kings of Metal !!! The band : Thomas, Marius,
Joakim and Tom went to Umeå in sweden to play for Dio, Manowar & Motorhead. ( 22.11.99. )

Eternal Flame 2000
Officialy change of band name.

Playing Korgen Rock fest.

September 2000
Thomas moved from Mo I Rana to Trondheim. Replaced bassist Tom and Drummer Marius
with Espen Hammer and Torbjørn Strøm.

Eternal Flame played at Rockefeller in Oslo/Norway. The first gig with the new troopers !

Gaia Epicus 2001
Officialy change of band name.

A 3 days tour in north of Norway. One of the shows was as a headline band for Rock Against Drugs festival. Tom R.Brumoen played on this tour.

Tom R.Brumoen is Back in the band again, and Espen Hammer has gone into another band.

The promo cd " Cyber Future " comes out.

Eirik Øverland Dischler joines the band as keyboardist.

The demo " Keepers of Time " comes out.

Bassist Tom R. Brumoen & drummer Torbjørn Strøm leaves the band.

Gaia Epicus signs a record deal with Sound Riot Records.

Gaia Epicus releases their debut album called " Satrap ". At this time there was only Thomas
& Jokke in the band so they had guest musicians play other instruments. Among these where
Morty Black (ex-TNT) playing the bass guitar on the whole album.

Eirik Øverland Dischler fades out of the band. After 1 and a half year in the band and having
been to only 7 or 8 rehearsals it was no point in staying in the band any longer. He never recorded
or played live with the band.

Mikael Duna and Thomas Stokkan enters the band.

Yngve Hanssen replaces Thomas Stokkan on Bass Guitar.

Gaia Epicus enters TopRoom Studios to record their 2nd cd "Symphony of Glory".
From Start to finish they used only 20 days, recording and mixing included.

Mikael Duna (drummer) leaves the band.

Yngve Hanssen (bass player) dies in car crash.

After many delays in the release of the new album, Sound Riot Records fucks up and changes
the tracklist on the album. Resault: Gaia Epicus stops the release of the new cd.
This has not been a great way to start the new year !

Hans Åge Holmen joins the band as bass player.

The album "Symphony of Glory" is released after an special agreement. SR agreed to sign a
new contract and give the band what they wanted.

Ole Alexander Myrholt joins the band as drummer, and the line-up is complete again.

The band records their 3'rd album "Victory" in Top Room Studios. The recording and mixing
of the album took only 14 days and is the best album so far.

Hans leaves the band after only 1 year and 4 months.
In the middle of a Norwegian tour Hans leaves, forcing the band to cancel 7 shows.

Gaia Epicus signs with Epicus Records to release their 3'rd album. Epicus Records is the
new label started by Thomas Chr Hansen.

Gaia Epicus releases their 3'rd album called "Victory".

Jokke plays his last concert with the band after being a part of the band for over 10 years.

From 30th october to 9th of november the band plays 9 shows on their first UK tour.
Gaia Epicus where headliners on the tour.

Gaia Epicus releases their 4'th album called "Damnation" in december. Guest musicians on the
album is no other than Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex-Helloween) & many more great musicians.
Ole Myrholt decides to be a session member instead of a full band member.

Gaia Epicus releases their 4'th album called "Damnation".

Damnation has been on the Omega/The End (USA) top 5 best sellers list 4 weeks in a row as
weekly best seller, and tree times as monthly best seller.
Weekly Top 5 sellers:
9th Jan = nr.3
18th Jan = nr.1
23rd Jan = nr.4
30th Jan = nr.2
Montly Top 5sellers:
18th Jan = nr.4
6th Feb = nr.5
13 Feb = nr.5

Gaia Epicus played their first show in Spain, as headliner on day 2 of the Hard & Heavy Festival.

From 14th to 22nd of november the band plays 9 shows on their second UK tour.
This time also as Headliners.

Gaia Epicus releases their 5ft studio album in the spring. The album is called Dark Secrets.
The band also takes part in the Helloween & Gamma Ray tribute HelloRay, with the old
Helloween classic Warrior.

Gaia Epicus played at Lavo Rock Festival. On stage with 3 ex.members! Joakim Kjelstad (guitar),
Hans Åge Holmen (bass) and Cato Skivik (drums). The band also performed some new songs from
the up coming album ALPHA & OMEGA.

Gaia Epicus releases a christmas single and video.

Gaia Epicus releases their 6th studio album. The album is called Alpha & Omega and
is mixed and mastered by Intense Music Productions.

Gaia Epicus releases several singles and the 7th studio album called Seventh Rising.

Gaia Epicus will carry on into the future !!!

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